2020/05/02 5:37:01 PM UTC

not very smart to kill pleroma *before* compiling the new build

2020/05/02 5:38:01 PM UTC

hey rin how much will the things break if the migration happens while it's alive

2020/05/02 5:42:13 PM UTC

omg so it died and plerofe thought this didn't post but guess what it did

2020/05/02 5:43:38 PM UTC

@michcio worst thing that happens from live migrations is temporary unavailability ime

2020/05/02 5:44:24 PM UTC

> Emoji autocomplete will match any part of the word and not just start, for example drool will now helpfully suggest blobcatdrool and blobcatdroolreach

this is lifechanging to me and i'd like to extend my thanks to the people involved

2020/05/02 5:46:39 PM UTC

gotta hand it to @BluRaf for having an absolutely shitty luck re: updating literally one day before another minor release comes out

2020/05/02 5:48:21 PM UTC

lol i fetched those :celMADeline: emoji long ago but haven't used them like, ever

2020/05/02 8:24:25 PM UTC

at least I've finally got on the 2.x bandwagon :P