2020/05/21 7:05:57 PM UTC

tried geforce now game streaming today and honestly I'm impressed, despite the sometimes aggressive compression

2020/05/21 7:08:45 PM UTC

@namtari i tried geforce now on like first week and it was great tbh even though i have capable hardware and stuff, it definitely is many tiers above stadia

2020/05/21 7:10:45 PM UTC

@jeder I was initially looking at xCloud, but it's not available here. Ironic since it's available in norway, and poland has imo better net infrastructure so 🤷

2020/05/21 7:26:20 PM UTC

@namtari you would be surprised about that better net infrastructure
its great in like >80k cities, not so great in smaller

2020/05/21 7:30:10 PM UTC

@jeder my homestead has like ~10k people in it heh, next to a "larger" city of ~66k

2020/05/21 7:31:03 PM UTC

@namtari i live in a 55~60k city and the best i can get is 50 Mbps VDSL lowered to 30 because of corona i guess

2020/05/21 8:19:53 PM UTC

@namtari @jeder well, game console companies were never treating gamers in Poland seriously, with Sony being only exception. I still remember when Xbox 360 originally was a "defective" product because of lack of Xbox Live here.

2020/05/21 8:20:34 PM UTC

@BluRaf @jeder same stuff with Nintendo, no service/repair here

2020/05/21 8:21:08 PM UTC

@namtari @BluRaf we don't even have Nintendo representative here, distributor is based in Czech Republic

2020/05/21 8:23:35 PM UTC

@BluRaf @namtari isn't xcloud available here though? ps now still not even close, after just 6 years

2020/05/21 8:23:52 PM UTC

@jeder @namtari well, at least ConQuest is trying to import and advertise some games. When Stadlbauer was responsible for Nintendo marketing here, I've only seen a single ad in TV... once or twice?? and I've never seen any Nintendo product in any local shop.

2020/05/21 8:24:02 PM UTC

@jeder @BluRaf sad, because I have to fix my own joycons :/

2020/05/21 8:24:44 PM UTC

@jeder @BluRaf not per the beta signup list to microsoft, although you could probably use a good vpn or something