2020/06/18 7:57:56 PM UTC

Can you recommend any place where I can buy web domains?

2020/06/18 10:06:23 PM UTC

@unfa Why not just do what I do and use GitLab? Mine are both and However, they are static sites, so no Wordpress. But, I can simply use git to push changes and it is free with free SSL. You also get, I think, about 10GB of free space per repository, which is quite a bit for HTML files. Otherwise, what will end up happening is what costs about $50 USD (one to three years plus SSL) then becomes about $150 the next year and so on and so forth.

2020/06/18 10:41:27 PM UTC

@unfa OVH, no overpricing bullshit after first year.

2020/06/19 5:34:14 AM UTC

@unfa I also would love recommendations for websites where I can buy domains. I got a domainless Website but have not had good luck with Websites I already know

2020/06/19 10:44:29 AM UTC

@hypolite @heluecht @unfa
>"Bank APIs" are electronic payment SDK you can use


> to enable credit card payments


At least in Poland, they function like regular wire transfers.

2020/06/23 4:51:08 PM UTC

@mllepogany I'll see if I can buy the domain there because OVH has failed to process my payment and is not responding (zombified process).

2020/06/23 5:04:15 PM UTC

Ok, I got my domain at

OVH failed to acknowledge my payment or answer my ticket in a couple of days, even though I know the payment went though immediately, because thy have an account in the same bank as I do.
Well, they've lost a customer.

2020/06/23 5:27:41 PM UTC

@mllepogany Yeah, I bought the domain on Epik faster than it takes to load the control panel in OVH.

Okay, I'm exaggerating, but you get the point.

Thank you!

2020/06/23 6:24:43 PM UTC

@unfa nice! happy to help man. you've enriched my experience with Linux audio a lot. I remember starting out not knowing what jack really was and I found your video ~2 years ago and it helped a lot. (:

2020/06/24 2:15:12 AM UTC

In case you are still looking. I use good prices and no nonsense.